Academic Support

Mission Statement

"The mission of the student-athlete support services office at the University of New Hampshire is to provide the academic support and resources necessary for students to succeed in their academic endeavors.”

Joanne Maldari, Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Support
(603) 862-0283

Carly Barbato, Student-Athlete Support Coordinator

(603) 862-5291

Brandon Thomas, Academic Coordinator

The Academic Support staff strives to assist student-athletes in meeting their academic goals in 4 ways:  provide general academic information, monitor academic progress, arrange tutorial services and refer student-athletes to other support offices on  campus.

General Academic Information
The Academic Support offices are located on the main floor of the Field House and serve as a resource with information regarding:

  • Academic programs at UNH
  • NCAA eligibility information
  • Additional academic resources on campus
  • Class registration information

Tutoring Handbook

Monitoring Academic Progress

There are several ways in which the academic progress of student- athletes is monitored:
Communication with professors, academic advisors, and coaches on an ongoing basis.
Progress reports for all first year student -athletes: evaluation forms are sent to professors at the midpoint of the Fall and Spring semester.  The professor  evaluates the student -athlete on the following criteria:   
* Performance on exams/papers/quizzes
* Class attendance & participation
Meetings with academic support staff throughout the year.  Group and individual meetings are held with  student- athletes to monitor  progress and offer additional academic strategies .

Tutorial Program
All student -athletes are eligible for free tutorial assistance through the Athletic Department.  The tutors are undergraduate and graduate students at the University who have been recommended by their professors to tutor in a specific subject area:
Student -athletes are able to arrange tutoring sessions to accommodate their own schedules.
Individual tutoring sessions as well as small study groups.

Academic Center
The Student-Athlete Academic Center is located in the Field House and contains new computers, study carrels and study tables.  It is a quiet place for student-athletes to complete academic work before and after practice.

Student-Athlete Academic Highlights

America East Academic Cup winner for highest GPA in the conference—1998-99 and 1999-2000

The Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of UNH athletes during the 2012-13 academic year was 87 percent among 20 varsity sports. Additionally, the NCAA honored five Wildcat teams that scored a perfect Academic Progress Rate (APR) of 1,000. The UNH teams include: men’s skiing, women’s cross country, women’s indoor track & field, women’s outdoor track & field and gymnastics. Men’ soccer and women’s lacrosse were ranked at the top in America East with scores of 985 and 991, respectively. The football team and men’s ice hockey team were runners-up in their respective conferences, registering scores of 991 and 978. Women’s swimming & diving posted the second-highest score among all New Hampshire sports with a 994 mark.

In the America East Academic Cup, UNH finished second for the third time in the last four years by achieving a 3.18 cumulative grade point average. It is UNH’s highest GPA in the 18-year history of the award. New Hampshire led all institutions with 108 student-athletes on the 2012 America East Fall Academic Honor Roll while earning the highest percentage of student-athletes named to the 2012-13 America East Winter/Spring Academic Honor Roll. New Hampshire had 155 honorees, which represented 72 percent of the student-athletes who competed in those seasons, an improvement of 10 percent from the previous year.

NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Recipients
    1993: Mike Dix, men’s swimming and diving
    2000: Orsi Farkas, women’s basketball
    2001: Amy Agulay, field hockey
    2004: Alison Edgar, women’s ice hockey
    2005: Deb Newman, women’s soccer

NCAA Ethnic Minority & Women’s Enhancement Postgraduate Scholarship
   2008: Rebekah Porter, gymnastics

America East Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year
    1997-98:  Denise Leckenby, women's swimming and diving
    1998-99:  Orsi Farkas, women's basketball
    2001-02:  Amy DeCamp, women's cross country

America East Scholar-Athletes of the Year
    1992-93:  Mike Dix, men's swimming and diving
    1992-93:  Alison Poulin, women's outdoor track & field
                    Pat Manor, men's basketball
    1993-94:  Dan Bailey, men's swimming and diving
    1995-96:  Denise Leckenby, women's swimming and diving
    1995-96:  Kristin Latourelle, women's swimming and diving
    1997-98:  Denise Leckenby, women's swimming and diving
    1998-99:  Orsi Farkas, women's basketball
    1998-99:  Shelby Hodgkins, women's lacrosse
    2001-02:  Amy DeCamp, women's indoor track & field; women's outdoor track & field
                   Marcie Boyer, field hockey
                   Dan Hocking, men's cross country; men's indoor track & field
    2003-04:  Caitlin Hayes, women's cross country
                   Lesley Read, women's outdoor track & field
    2004-05:  Katie Leland, women's lacrosse
    2005-06:  Deb Newman, women's soccer
                   Caitlin Hayes, women's cross country
    2006-07:  Cathy Parker, women's cross country  
    2007-08:  Michaela Hardy, women's lacrosse
                    Jordan Horwitz, men's outdoor track & field
    2009-10:  Colin O'Donnell, men's soccer
    2010-11:  Colin O'Donnell, men's soccer
                    Rita Ciambra, women's indoor track & field
    2011-12:  Amy Keding, volleyball
                    Lauren McCandless, women's swimming & diving 
    2012-13:  Katie Mann, women's swimming & diving
    2013-14:  Lauren McCandless, women's swimming & diving 
    2014-15:  Tori Forrest, volleyball
                   Katie Mann, women's swimming & diving
EAGL Scholar-Athlete of the Year
    2011-12:  Danielle Reibold, gymnastics

Hockey East Top Scholar-Athlete
    2002-03:  Allison Edgar, women's ice hockey
    2003-04:  Allison Edgar, women's ice hockey
    2005-06:  Amy McLaughlin, women's ice hockey
    2009-10:  Katie Brock, women's ice hockey
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