America East Feature: UNH's Dr. Reginald A. Wilburn is featured for Black History Month

In an effort to honor the African-American faculty and staff members from each of the nine schools affiliated with the America East, the conference is putting together a nine-part video series featuring one prominent African-American from each school. These features will highlight the connection each of these individuals have on campus as well as the surrounding communities.

As an educator and mentor, Dr. Reginald Wilburn teaches his students to have a voice through their work. Dr. Wilburn teaches Women’s Studies, English, and African-American literature at the University of New Hampshire. The professor is highly recognized in his work as well as highly recommended by students. In fact, it is said “students are missing out if they leave the University of New Hampshire without taking one of Dr. Wilburn’s classes.”

Dr. Wilburn was recently awarded the Women’s Commission Faculty Award for his unique style of teaching and the knowledge he provides students.  In the classroom, he is patient and compassionate which makes his classroom more open for intellectual discussion and analytical thinking. Through various texts and movies, Dr. Wilburn wants his students not only to read and watch the material, but also understand the underlying messages regarding the subject at hand. Much of the class material derives from his personal experience, which makes his classes more interesting and unique.  

As an individual who challenges his students in and outside of the classroom, Dr. Reginald Wilburn is an ideal representative from the University of New Hampshire for Black History Month. 

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