Department of Athletics Wins UNH 50K Alumni Challenge, Earns $25,000

DURHAM, N.H. – The University of New Hampshire announced Tuesday that the UNH Department of Athletics won the University’s $50K Alumni Challenge and will be awarded the $25,000 first place prize.

The UNH $50K Alumni Challenge was a University-wide fund raising campaign that challenged 12 programs across campus (and Manchester) to attain the highest number of alumni donations in June, regardless of the amount of the contribution.

The Athletics: Team Effort program finished with 285 donors, followed by Paul College of Business and Economics, which earned $15,000 for its second-place total of 214, and the College of Health & Human Services, which will receive $10,000 for 190 donors in third place. Generous donors pledged the $50K in prize funds.

The Department of Athletics extends a sincere and very appreciative “Thank you!” to the proud alumni who generously made a contribution to The Wildcat Fund in the month of June to help secure first place. The $25,000 will be used to enhance the learning tools and technology equipment in the Student-Athlete Academic Center For Excellence that is currently under construction on the second floor of the Field House.

As of Monday, June 30 at 9:32 p.m. Eastern – the last update prior to the Challenge ending that night at midnight – the leaderboard listed Athletics: Team Effort in first place (239 donors). The Paul College of Business and Economics (215), College of Health & Human Services (186), and College of Liberal Arts (180) were the closest programs.

The standings were subsequently updated daily – to account for mail-in donations – with Athletics widening the gap to 285 in comparison to second-place Paul College at 214 on the last update (Thursday, July 3) prior to the July 7 announcement of the winner.


UNH $50K Alumni Challenge (final standings)

Athletics: Team Effort 285

Paul College: Better Business 214

CHHS: Strong Foundations 190

COLA: Global Perspective 186

CEPS: Global Outreach 92

COLSA: Award Winning 69

UNH Manchester: Opening Doors 28

Hamel Center: Great Explorations 24

Sustainability Institute: Shaping the Future 23

Shoals Marine Lab: Diving In 23

Graduate School: Professional Polish 18

CIE: International Experience 16

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