INDIANAPOLIS---The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Skiing Committee announced today the 74 men and 74 women selected to participate in the 2007 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Skiing Championships, to be held March 7-10 at Attitash and Jackson XC in Mt. Washington Valley, New Hampshire. The championships will be hosted by the University of New Hampshire.
    Participants are selected on a regional basis from two designated regions for Alpine skiing (East and West Regions), and three designated regions for Nordic skiing (Central, East and West Regions). Bids are awarded to regions using a formula determined by the skiing committee. A maximum of 12 student-athletes (three per gender per discipline) may participate from an institution.
    Nordic events will be held March 7 and 9 at Jackson XC. The women’s five-kilometer and men’s 10-kilometer freestyle cross-country races will be conducted March 7.  The men’s 20-kilometer and women’s 15-kilometer classical races will be held March 9.
Alpine events will run March 8 and 10 at Attitash. The men’s and women’s giant slaloms will be held March 8, with the men’s and women’s slaloms conducted March 10.
    Highlights of the skiing championships will be shown on CBS at 1 p.m. Eastern time, Saturday, May 5. CBS Sports Presents Championships of the NCAA will feature highlights of 17 different NCAA championships; each taking place during the winter season.

PARTICIPANTS BY DISCIPLINE AND REGION (listed alphabetically by name):


East Region – Men                                    East Region – Women
Evan Barrett, Williams                                Veronique Archambault-Leger, UNH
Zac Brown, Vermont                                    Kate Bragg, Vermont
Jody Centauro, Colby                                 Lindsay Brush, Middlebury
David Chodounsky, Dartmouth                Kara Crow, Vermont
Joseph Dunn, New Hampshire                Jennah Durham, Williams
Alex Felix, Dartmouth                                Aileen Farrell, New Hampshire
Willie Ford, New Hampshire                    Mattie Ford, Middlebury
Erik Gilbert, Vermont                                   Hayley Jones, Dartmouth
Greg Hardy, Vermont                                Kelsey Levine, Williams
Josh Kernan, Colby                                    Lindsay Mann, Dartmouth
Dan Loman, Bates                                      Dorothy Muirhead, Middlebury
Eric Mann, Williams                                   Megan Papineau, Bates
Sean McNamara, New Hampshire        Emily Sampson, Bates
Leo Menard, Bates                                    Michelanne Shields, Dartmouth
Clayton Reed, Middlebury                        Ashley Spina, Vermont
Alex Tarberry, Middlebury                        Cynthia Tessier, New Hampshire
Andrew Wagner, Middlebury                    Liz Thompson, Bates
Evan Weiss, Dartmouth   

West Region – Men                                    West Region – Women
Cameron Barnes, Nevada                        Claire Abbe, Denver
Don Brockett, Montana State                    Spela Bertoncelj, Montana State
Josh Bryan, Colorado                                Karine Falck-Pedersen, Denver
John Buchar, Denver                                Amanda Goyne, Nevada
Adam Cole, Denver                                   Mikaela Grassl, Utah
Tor Fodnesbergene, New Mexico            Malin Hemmingsson, New Mexico
Francesco Ghedina, Denver                    Heidi Hillenbrand, Colorado
Stefan Hughes, Colorado                        Stefanie Klocker, Alaska Anchorage
Scott Hume, Nevada                                Amy Lattimer, Montana State
Kyle Kung, Utah                                        Katie Lyons, Nevada
Toby LaMar, Montana State                      Carmel McElroy, Montana State
Lars Loeseth, New Mexico                        Chirine Njeim, Utah
Alex Mach, New Mexico                            Karin Ohlin, New Mexico
Luke Patterson, Nevada                            Lisa Perricone, Colorado
Drew Roberts, Colorado                          Sarah Schaedler, Western State
Tague Thorson, Utah                                Kim Stephens, Utah
Scott Veenis, Utah                                      Jenny Tank, Denver
Lucie Zikova, Colorado


Central Region – Men   
                            Central Region – Women
Martin Banerud, Northern Michigan        Anna Coulter, Alaska Fairbanks
Bill Bowler, Northern Michigan                Julia Coulter, Alaska Fairbanks
Kevin Heglund, Michigan Tech                Linn Dale, St. Olaf
Marius Korthauer, Alaska Fairbanks    Jenna Klein, Michigan Tech
Jesse Lang, Michigan Tech                    Aurelia Korthauer, Alaska Fairbanks
Santi Ocariz, Wisconsin-Green Bay       Kristina Owen, Michigan Tech
Henri Soom, Alaska Fairbanks               Elizabeth Quinley, Michigan Tech
Vahur Teppan, Alaska Fairbanks            Morgan Smyth, Northern Michigan
Phil Violett, Northern  Michigan            Lindsey Weier, Northern Michigan
Lindsay Williams, Northern Michigan

East Region – Men                                    East Region – Women
Fred Bailey, Colby                                       Kristen Bednar, St. Lawrence
Sylvan Ellefson, Bates                                Emilia Demarchis, Vermont
Anders Folleras, Vermont                           Susan Dunklee, Dartmouth
Simeon Hamilton, Middlebury                   Kalie Dunn, St. Lawrence
Nick Kline, Colby                                        Cassidy Edwards, Middlebury
Glenn Randall, Dartmouth                        Carina Hamel, Vermont
Tim Reynolds, Middlebury                        Jenny Hamilton, Middlebury
Michael Sinnott, Dartmouth                       Katrina Howe, Vermont
Benjamin True, Dartmouth                        Elsa Sargent, Dartmouth
Juergen Uhl, Vermont                                Sara Studebaker, Dartmouth
Chris Ziegler, Vermont   

West Region – Men                                    West Region – Women
Christian Coe, Montana State                    Annelise Bailly, Denver
Matt DeCarufel, Nevada                               Mandy Bowden, Montana State
Snorri Einarsson, Utah                                Paige Brady, Nevada
Fabian Figi, Utah                                           Annelies Cook, Utah
Matt Gelso, Colorado                                    Polina Ermoshina, New Mexico
Andy Liebner, Alaska Anchorage               Brittany Greer, Alaska Anchorage
Patrick Neel, Western State                        Maria Grevsgard, Colorado
Karl Nygren, Colorado                                Chelsea Holmes, Nevada
Nathan Park, Montana State                      Kara LaPoint, Denver
Lutz Preussler, Nevada                               Sarah MacCarthy, Utah
Rene Reisshauer, Denver                         Lenka Palanova, Colorado
Andy Richmond, Western State                Claire Rennie, Montana State
Kit Richmond, Colorado                             Kasandra Rice, Alaska Anchorage
Erlend Saetre, New Mexico                       Kristin Ronnestrand, Colorado
Paul Schauer, Alaska Anchorage            Sara Schweiger, Utah
Havard Selseng, Denver                            Devon Spika, Whitman
Even Sletten, Utah                                        Laura VanAlst, New Mexico
John Stene, Denver                                    Jamie Woelk, Montana State
Rahael Wunderle, Alaska Anchorage      Melanie Zemp, New Mexico

    The University of Colorado, Boulder will enter the 2007 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Skiing Championships as the defending champion after claiming last year’s crown in dramatic fashion. The Buffaloes finished with 658 team points, 98 more than its nearest contender, second place finisher New Mexico University, thereby achieving the fourth largest margin of victory in the championship’s 53-year history. After bouncing back from a sixth-place start on the first day, Colorado mounted the biggest comeback ever under the current scoring format, and did so one skier short of a full 12-member team.
    The Buffaloes claimed four individual titles in addition to the team title. Sophomore Lucie Zikova won the women’s slalom, while sophomore Kit Richmond won the men’s 20-kilometer freestyle race. Senior Jana Rehemaa swept the women’s Nordic events, claiming the title for both the women’s 5-kilometer classic race as well as the women’s 15-kilometer freestyle race. Denver University’s John Stene captured the remaining Nordic title, the men’s 10-kilometer classic. On the Alpine side, senior Abbi Lathrop of Colby College won the women’s giant slalom, while freshman Scott Veenis of the University of Utah won the men’s. Dartmouth’s Karl Johnson rounded out Alpine competition with the national title in men’s slalom.
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