Nicole Hekle

The following is from a recent Q & A session:

Q: How did you start playing ice hockey?
A: I was in sixth grade and my dad told me that's where my future is. My dad was a pretty big influence.

Q: Why did you choose UNH?
A: UNH has a nationally-ranked women's ice hockey program and the business school.

Q: What is the best thing about the UNH women's ice hockey team?
A: This season it's definitely the team chemistry on and off the ice.

Q. What is your most memorable moment as a UNH hockey player?
A: Well, hopefully that's still to come. A couple of games stand out -- the win before break down at Harvard this year and the win at home before break against Harvard last year.

Q: The one word that describes me as a person is:
A: Talkative

Q: The one word that describes me as a hockey player is:
A: Hard worker.

Q: What's been your favorite class at UNH?
A: Organizational behavior and managerial accounting. I just had great, really unreal teachers in both of those classes.

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